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TRON Legacy hidden message

A new tron movie has come and Disney decided to provide an iphone app for free. They put a binary message to describe the app:

//start program


//end program

I knew that something was hidden behind this bunch of 0s and 1s:
This TRON app will evolve. ComiTRON coming 072210.

[PERL] Include .pl file

I needed to use some function to include a .pl file as in C. The answer is: require

require "";


push @INC, \&betterPrint;

sub betterPrint {

Pay attention to what you require. The .pl file must be in the same directory or called through full path.

Top 10 TV Series

1. Doctor House
2. Doctor Who
3. The big bang theory
4. Scrubs
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Chuck
7. Fringe
8. V
9. Caprica
10. The IT Crowd

TV Series you must watch but already finished
1. Lost
2. Flash Forward
3. Jericho
4. Battlestar Galactica

Skype Mood message, I hate you

It’s really annoying, every time someone changes is own message on skype, it shows a red mark as if you just received a chat.
Preferences->Advanced->Enable Mood Message Chat <- NO!!!

A post from the dashboard

Hello dear mac users, I’m using a good widget to post on wordpress directly from the dashboard on my powerbook.
The configuration is not so easy (if you don’t have google of course): username and password are the same as on wordpress; Your xmlrpc is the URL of your blog with a /xmlrpc.php at the end. E.g.:

Have a nice blogging.

Link: WordPressdash

Run a fsck on reboot

fsck is an utility that looks for bad blocks and errors on your filesystem. It usually runs at specificied number of system startups. If you want to force fsck to run on the next boot, the command is:
# echo y > /forcefsck

Instead, if you want to ever skip fsck on start, then the command is:
# touch /fastboot

Determining ms sql db size

Hello, this morning i needed a task to be accomplished: understand what is the dimension of a couple of databases standing on a windows server 2003 with sql server 2005.

Here it is the walkthrough:
– start-> run -> cmd
– sqlcmd
– USE master;
– EXEC sp_spaceused;
– go

and that’s all.